Sawbill: A Search for Place
(University of New Mexico Press, 2018)

Sawbill CoverIn Sawbill, Jennifer Case watches her family suddenly exchange their rooted existence for a series of relocations that take them across the United States. In response, Case struggles to “live in place” without a geographical home, a struggle that leads her to search for grounding in the now-dismantled fishing resort her grandparents ran in northeastern Minnesota. By chronicling her migratory adulthood alongside the similarly unpredictable history of Sawbill Lodge, this memoir offers a resonant meditation on home, family, environment, and the human desire for place in the inherently mobile twenty-first century.

“In her pilgrimage to learn more about the Sawbill Resort once owned by her grandparents and the Boundary Waters of childhood vacations, Jennifer Case embarks on a personal journey, rediscovering the vast beauty of an almost pristine landscape as well as a complicated inner landscape as she surveys the boundaries of family bonds, love of the land, and our inexplicable, inextricable connections to place.”
—Jill McCabe Johnson, Artsmith, author of Borderlines